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Special rooms and F&B offers from Hilton Beijing!


Terrace Summer BBQ




It is time to escape from the dependence on air conditioning, to enjoy the early summer outdoors. Hilton Beijing have prepared a variety of delicious food, seafood, seasonal vegetables and drinks for this summer. With a couple of friends, accompanied by the summer afterglow, feeling the breeze, getting a relax night at the beautiful Terrace.

Price: RMB168 +15% service charge per person including free flow soft drinks, plus RMB30 to enjoy the specific beer and wine.

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Spring sizzler on new rooms



The new “Diplomats Mansion” style of the guest rooms offers a subtle blend of traditional charm with modern amenities. By using historical references, the ancient and modern Chinese are integrated beautifully. Hints and suggestions throughout harken back to a more gilded age in China and to historic old Beijing. Open-style wardrobes combined with luggage counters as well as the mini bar create additional space for each guest room. Characteristic Chinese red walls are widely used giving each guest room an iconic feature, the bed was inspired by a Chinese-style, using a special method to transfer printing from leather to wooden surfaces adding a mix of textures. Lighting once again reiterates the concept of the “Diplomat’s Mansion” and uses chandeliers of an Oriental aesthetic to enhance the ambience. Creative and multiuse round desks have been used to satisfy the needs of reading, leisure and dining, and the stunning bathrooms were inspired by traditional moon doors commonly seen in Beijing gardens. We have achieved our aim to bring every guest the opportunity to feel like a visitor to a “Diplomat’s Mansion”.

Special offer: the official WeChat eshop offers a series of room promotion, which can be used for a single day or a 10-day stay or a 30-day stay.

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