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Brand Officer

Pingo Space is an international education school. Providing quality education to Beijing students aged 6-14 since 2016. We are a dynamic and growing company seeking a brand officer to help us expand our brand awareness.

What makes us different than an average education company?

We CARE about the students and their growth; we are educators first, then business people. We have exceptional curriculum, camps and programs that are exciting for both educators, students and our management team. Our team is a very tight community, where everyone matters and contributes. We seek talented community-minded individuals and help foster their growth.

Your voice matters, what you have to say is important. If you have something to contribute, we listen and take action. We charge 1/2 the price of some of our competitors, as we believe quality education should be accessible to everyone.

What does the job require?

We are seeking someone with a passion for communicating ideas through media and at in- person events. We are seeking a creative collaborator who can understand our unique product and help craft a public narrative to express what is special about it to the world. Pingo Space is a growing company, and we often have multiple projects in process at the same time, so someone organized and efficient who is able to delegate to small but engaged teams is vital. Because of the unique challenges of the job and current market, all of our team members must be solution-oriented and able to adjust.

Social Media Savvy. Currently most of our projects are in China, but we are in the early stages of some global projects, so both eastern and western social media management and content creation is vital. WeChat, TikTok, Web design, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

Advertising and/or Marketing Experience. The ability to view products from multiple consumer perspectives, and design and implement an effective information campaign. Culturally Literate: Understanding of both eastern and western culture. We are looking for someone who can communicate ideas across cultural barriers.

Fluent in Both English and Chinese. Because of the nature of the work, you must be able to write effective work in both languages.

Great Communication Skills: Both oral and written. The ability to communicate with our audience also means the ability to communicate with our staff, from the content creators and educators who design the programs to the marketing team that answers the calls after your campaign launches.

Highly Organized: You will be managing multiple project campaigns and communicating with several team leaders on a regular basis. Use of Outlook calendar and e-mail as well as excel, in addition to WeChat and Shimo a plus.

Creative: There is more than one solution to every problem. What haven’t we thought of yet?

Collaborative and Flexible: Nothing great is done alone. We need our team to trust and respect each other enough to bend without breaking.

Passionate: Life is too short to do something you don’t love. All of our team members care deeply about what we do and believe in our programs.

Brave: We like people who are willing to take chances, because big ideas are rarely already mainstream.
Hard-working: This won’t be a walk in the park. We are exclusively looking for people who are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be the best at your craft, and help us build something we all can be proud of.


Salary: 16-20K per month base depending on experience and desired commission.

Bonuses: to be negotiated

Paid Time Off: 2 weeks in addition to public holidays

Flexible Office Hours: We believe in productivity not hours logged. Within reason, you can negotiate to work from home although your presence at meetings and events will be required.

Support: This is the most supportive, inclusive and FUN group of workmates you will find. We are a team and in service to the same vision. We occasionally disagree but always have each other’s backs.

Work Life Balance: Most of the time. We have high expectations but believe in healthy, balanced people first. There will be occasional long nights and weekend work especially near deadlines, but we put family first and want everyone to have plenty of time to rest and recoup.

How can you apply?

Contact the Pingo HR via email or WeChat (WeChat is checked daily).

Submit a current CV and any other relevant documents to highlight your experience. Attend 2 rounds of interviews, one virtual and one in person.

Jennifer Holstein Pingo Space HR Manager

WeChat: Jcourt


Mobile: 13241968686


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