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Medical Consumables Purchasing Manager

Job Description

1. Supervise UFH medical consumable purchasers activities to ensure smooth daily operations
2. Assist UFH medical consumable directors to improve UFH wide medical consumables central purchasing ratio and supply chain management efficiency
3. Standardize UFH consumables and standardize UFH instrument and consumable packages
4. Cooperate with supply chain manager for UFH wide better medical consumables inventory management at Facility level and UFH Central Warehouse
5. Consistently improve internal customer satisfaction through effective communication with clinics/departments
6. Support clinical team to manage and improve sub-store inventory for medical consumables
7. UFH medical suppliers relationship and compliance management
8. UFH new facilities startup on consumables purchasing



1. BA degree;
2. At least 5 years working experience in purchasing and logistics management

3. 5 years working experience in healthcare industry;

4. Familiar with hospital operations and medical consumables;

5. Medical or nursing background is must;

6. Good English skill both in daily English and medical English;
7. Excellent communication skill;
8. Good negotiation skill;
9. Good computer skill;
10. Good Team management skill;
11. Good knowledge of medical consumables, supply chain management, logistic information system;


To apply:


HR Ms. Ashley Wang

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